Shedding Light on FOM

Shedding Light on FOM


Electro Optics North (EON) has been at the forefront of advancing night vision technology, catering to various industries like law enforcement, military, security, and outdoor enthusiasts. One crucial aspect that sets their night vision devices apart is their utilization of the Figure of Merit (FOM). In this blog post, we will delve into what FOM is and how it plays a vital role in enhancing night vision capabilities offered by EON's cutting-edge Electro Optics.

Understanding FOM:

The Figure of Merit (FOM) is a term commonly used in the field of night vision technology to quantify the overall performance and sensitivity of a night vision device, particularly image intensifier tubes (IITs). It serves as a standardized metric for assessing how well a night vision system performs in low-light conditions.

FOM combines several key parameters, such as resolution, signal-to-noise ratio, and photoresponse, into a single value, simplifying the process of comparing different night vision devices. Higher FOM values indicate better performance and clarity in low-light environments, allowing users to see clearer images in the darkest conditions.

Importance of FOM in Night Vision Devices:

  1. Enhanced Low-Light Performance: FOM directly correlates with a night vision device's ability to amplify available light, making it possible for users to see in extremely dark conditions. By choosing EON's night vision devices with high FOM ratings, users can significantly improve their situational awareness during nighttime operations.

  2. Increased Target Recognition: A higher FOM not only improves overall image quality but also boosts target recognition capabilities. In critical situations, quickly identifying potential threats or targets can be a matter of life and death. EON's focus on optimizing FOM ensures that users can trust their night vision devices to deliver reliable target identification.

  3. Extended Range and Versatility: Night vision devices with higher FOM values offer extended range and versatility. Whether it's surveilling a large area, navigating through rough terrain, or engaging in tactical operations, EON's night vision devices deliver top-notch performance and versatility.

EON's Commitment to Advancing FOM Technology:

EON's dedication to providing cutting-edge night vision technology is evident in their continuous efforts to push the boundaries of FOM performance. Their research and development team consistently explores new methods to improve image intensification and reduce image artifacts, further enhancing FOM ratings.

EON's FOM Optimization Techniques:

  1. Advanced Image Processing: EON integrates sophisticated image processing algorithms into their night vision devices to enhance image clarity, reduce noise, and maximize light amplification.

  2. Innovative Photocathode Technology: The photocathode is a crucial component responsible for converting incoming photons into electrons. EON employs innovative photocathode materials and design techniques to achieve higher photoresponse, leading to improved FOM values.

  3. Precision Manufacturing: EON's night vision devices undergo meticulous manufacturing processes to ensure consistent quality and performance. Their attention to detail guarantees that each device meets or exceeds the expected FOM ratings.


FOM is an essential metric for assessing the performance of night vision devices, and EON has demonstrated its commitment to providing top-tier technology to its customers. By continuously pushing the boundaries of FOM performance through innovative techniques, advanced image processing, and precision manufacturing, EON's night vision devices stand out in the industry. Whether it's for military operations, law enforcement tasks, or outdoor adventures, customers can trust Electro Optics North to deliver reliable, high-performance night vision devices with exceptional FOM values.

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